What is PARA™?

In the ancient language of Sanskrit, PARA™ means the “Supreme Truth”. We are all products of our truths and beliefs. Beliefs form attitudes, attitudes succeed behavior and our success or failure is determined by our behavior. 


We have been conducting Behaviour Change programs, training and consulting for three years now!


We at PARA™ believe that every child is intelligent in their own way! We want to identify and nurture what they are good at.


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What is Para School?

Para school is an organised after-school program that ensures your child’s overall development to provide children with the much –  required training in skills ranging from Performing Arts, Gardening, Culinary Skills and Life Skills to Music, Magic, Counseling, Coaching and a lot more!

Why Para School?

1. To provide a one-stop solution that nurtures a child’s interest, curiosity and ensures their holistic development



2. To build a dynamic and personalised teaching methodology of parallel skills and create a standardised system of mapping growth



02. Daily skills


03. Expert trainers

04.Content mapping

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