About Beej

Beej is a transformative program
that sows the seeds of self-discovery and personal growth among young individuals

Beej-(meaning 'seed') Camps, aims to cultivate essential skills,values & belief systems. These seeds are planted carefully during our residential retreats, & if they are nurtured, they grow into strong, independent trees of leadership.

Our experiential learning approach instills values and imparts life lessons in an immersive environment. Beej is not just a program; it's an opportunity for students to embark on a journey of holistic development across three verticals:

What Makes Beej

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Life Skills

The Life skills prescribed by the WHO is used as a template to make activities and growth fun and engaging.

We cultivate a rich learning environment through engaging activities that empower participants to build strong teams, enhance communication, conquer fears, and develop leadership qualities. We believe in fostering a holistic approach to personal growth, encouraging individuals to not only look after themselves but also extend care to those around them. Our thoughtfully designed activities inspire self-discovery, resilience, and effective collaboration, laying the foundation for a well-rounded skill set that goes beyond the classroom.

A vibrant blended learning platform to unlock their fullest potential
A space to acquire essential lifelong knowledge and skills
A holistic after school learning experience for innovative minds
A transformative journey toward an empowered individual and a brighter future
Survival Skills

Survival Skills aren't just about surviving; it's about thriving in an environment teeming with life.

At PARA School we equip our participants with the essential tools to thrive in nature's embrace. From adventure activities that challenge and exhilarate to imparting safety measures for both personal well-being and belongings, we prepare students to navigate the great outdoors with confidence. we ensure that participants leave not only with newfound outdoor competence but also with a deep understanding of the importance of responsible and sustainable living. From agriculture to making rocketstoves and cooking with minimal resources, from learning how to sew a button on to learning how to fold their clothes they learn all the skills necessary for survival.

Understanding my nature in the nature
A space to acquire essential lifelong knowledge and skills
Subjects like farming,
cooking etc
Innovative survival skills in challenging situatuations
Wisdom from Bharath

In our Wisdom from Bharath vertical, we transcend the conventional definition of knowledge acquisition, offering an immersive experience in internalizing virtues.

Through this transformative process, individuals emerge as compassionate, empathetic, and wise contributors to society. This is a unique quest where the ancient wisdom of India, as found in cultural treasures like the Ramayana, Mahabharatha, Yoga Sutras, or the Vedas, seamlessly merges with contemporary learning. The result is an enriching and enduring experience that shapes individuals for a lifetime. At Para School, wisdom isn't just acquired; it's lived and shared, creating a legacy of mindful and purposeful living.

Encapsulated wisdom from our Shruthi’s, Smriti’s and Purana’s
Understanding Culture through stories and storytelling
Practicing Ethics and morals with fun activities and games
Exploring Shlokas for character building and value education